How to Use TikTok As an Educational Tool

Most popular app for social media among the younger generation, TikTok is becoming more mainstream. The app is popular with adults who like short-form content. It can also be utilized to aid in learning, since educators could utilize it to make educational material. It is possible that you are wondering which way to utilize TikTok to teach students.

In the case of Tiktok, it can make your essay more long

If you’re having trouble with your essay, you may consider making the essay more lengthy using TikTok phrases. You can make short videos which will improve your writing skills while sounding smarter. The tips are popular among students, and some students even send the tips to parents.

One of the best ways to increase the length of your essay is by increasing its words per page. This can allow you to reuse much of what you’ve written previously. But, remember that teachers can easily detect a lack of quality in your essay and you should concentrate on the quality of your essay rather than the quantity. If you want to extend your essay Try to look at the essay’s topic or prompt from a variety of angles.

Additional evidence

Incorporating more proof for your essay may enhance its persuasiveness. It can be accomplished through citing other aspects in your essay. Be sure to outline every section and add supporting data. The ability to recognize opposing arguments is essential as well. In writing an argumentative essay, you must anticipate the arguments you’ll make and provide evidence for every one of them.

Use transition words

Transition words are used to establish the relationships between sentences, paragraphs and paragraphs of your essay. They can also enhance how your writing flows and give context to two points. Below are some examples of ways to use transition words: – Patient care is preceded by charts. Charting is followed by patient care.

It is important to make the words that are transitional easy to understand. The function of transition words is to stitch to write pieces, making sure that they are uniform and cohesive. It is possible to get assistance to determine the appropriate word and phrase to utilize. An alphabet of transition words may be useful to organize your essay.

Make use of a thesaurus

When it comes to writing, a thesaurus is an ideal tool. It helps you locate synonyms for words you often utilize and help discover the best word for the concept. A lot of students believe using a thesaurus makes them look pretentious, it’s not the case.

Thesaurus also works for changing the tone or meaning of words. For example, a word like prosaic will give your writing an academic feel as vanilla, whereas prosaic is more formal and more conversational. It’s important to keep in mind that certain words are suitable for certain audiences over other words.

Avoid repetition

The best way to create a great essay is to avoid repetition. Repetition can be distracting and affect your enjoyment of reading the essay. Make use of the Find feature of the word processor to stop repeating words. It can assist you to identify the words or phrases you’re repeating.

Another way to avoid repetition is by using thesaurus. Thesaurus allows you to replace common words by synonyms. Grammar-checkers often have an integrated thesaurus. Be careful to not make use of overly many synonyms. The use of thesaurus must be moderate and limitless.

If you are writing the same thing over, try rewriting your sentences. This will eliminate repetition and give a lively rhythm in your work. The writing you write will be more interesting to and read. The less repetition you are able to eliminate this, the more engaging your piece will appear.

Pronouns are another method to keep from repetition. The pronouns can be used for identifying different individuals. It’s okay to employ them at least a couple of times if it fits the context. When required, but not be pleased to boast that you’re that. To ensure your writing flows smoothly It is beneficial to ask someone to read the text aloud. It is also possible to look for patterns when editing.

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